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Meeting an online friend

In our industry we have to meet people very often ONLINE, for some of us it's the easier way how to meet people and talk together about our passion.

Because we are so SHY!

And more significant reason is that we can stay at our nice and warm computer at home, because we can be also very LAZY (or just our asses are).

I have few online friends - by online friends I mean people that I never met. Of course I saw their pictures or videos, but that's all. Some of them are strange, some of them are amazing, some are jerks and some are so inspiring and others just become stalkers, so annoying.

But I found some that are worth being real friends with :)

This weekend I met one - an animator and VFX artist from Bratislava. I had a chance to meet him because he moved to Prague from his country to work in UPP, a VFX studio. I wasn't nervous at all. We had amazing day full of animation talks and plans for challenges and future...

So what I am saying is that online world is amazing, but ... you know.

Picture made by my friend (it was actually a video, I just made a snap).

Ya the picture is a bit weird, but well I like weird. I'm tired of normal pictures. My neck is not broken but probably if you want to pose your character into a similar pose, don't do it. Also what am I doing with my hands? I'm taking a picture of a tree and falling leaves with my super phone - no it's just my super sexy pose.

P.S. Thank you for the beautiful ring Kamčo (she made it from plastic lids)

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