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Bananas everywhere!

I started with bananas in a very innocent way, really.

My life could be divided into periods of colours that I like. I realized I'm like that when I was 15 years old. I came to my wardrobe and saw my new clothes all in the same color. hm.... so it was, simply said, purple, dark blue, red, GREEN (is not a creative color), black, etc. Now the colors went to lighter ones, light green, blue, pink......and slowly into light YELLOW. On my pinterest page I've started to collect objects that have this color, the thing that appeared the most was BANANA.

Banana by KiKi ArtWorks

And there the MANIA had slowly started.

I found there are so many artworks with bananas, in almost every film there is a banana, every magazine, home, they are just everywhere. Just pay attention and you will see I'm right!!!

Let's just say banana is the most popular fruit by artists. I guess because of the interesting shape, not boring like apple, but well apple is still competing with banana.

The yellow picture on the left is done by me, some experiment from photoshooting with Filip Vondra.

Ok, let's talk about


Here are my 2 favourite bananas animations.

If you find your favourite one, just link me, I have to add it to my collection. :)

This banana craziness, I was bothering all the people around me (sorry), getting banana presents, artworks (Thank you Iris for the postcard and bananas) and never stopped talking about it.

When I realized that I am maybe too crazy and I should stop, I was watching my favourite Tv series The Girls I had to pause it so I can just take a snap for my collection. Bananas became annoying.

The Girls - Tv Series

My favourite banana art at

the END.

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