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3 Tricks I do to improve my concentration

Are you having problems with concentrating like me?

Because the world is soooooo interesting and anything can catch your attention, any movement, conversations, interesting lighting or color combinations, just whatever.

On my studies at The Animation Workshop I realized that my best attention catcher are my ears. Being there with 15 people in one room the whole day and night was quite tough (well in my case I didn't have to take concentration pills ), there was almost no chance to be alone. I attached a selfie, so happy finding myself alone in the class, I guess it was a weekend, but it lasted for like 45 minutes (not the weekend, the alone time).

Some people in the class were very loud, or just walked loudly, or were singing, playing music, well sometimes even the mouse clicking of 15 people made me nervous in stressful moments. Some people just didn't respect others working moods. The thing is I wasn't the best one in doing that either. With my great friend Sanna, we sometimes randomly started to brainstorm, sometimes very stupid things, sometimes great ideas, but also educational things, so we learnt a lot from each other I miss her, we had so much fun together. :)

So let's get to the list of things I recommend:

1. To KILL noise use NOISE

So the best trick I've learnt this year is to kill noise. I've started with RAIN sounds. If you are the type of person who likes to sit comfortably at home with warm beverage in hands while it is raining outside, this will be your new favourite discoverment, if you don't know it already. Go to and let the rain sound kill all the noise that you don't want to hear, others people's radios, talking, noisy street, even the sound of the computer's fan, just whatever.

2. Put some music on top of that

It's great to put on top another layer - MUSIC. I love to use for that some electronic music, mostly house is great for concentration.

You can follow me on Spotify, I will organize my music there when I find some perfect music organizing day, but for now it's not really the best profile to follow, but hopefully you can find some inspiration, some people already do. :) Every year I go to a festival Colours of Ostrava to collect some inspiration in music.

3. Don't forget to eat bananas.

Cause those previews advises should be enough. Our avocados are fine too.


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